This book Lessons from Covid 19, 2020 - 26 stories one pandemic is one of the leading descriptive source and language, of 2020. The book will be ubiquitous in the publishing industry, in resource interchange, and the global transformation pace. This is partly due to the dynamic diversity of the authors and their stories. This book serves as a generational posterity, with some optional subject matter interludes, giving you the chance to take away as much as your reading pallet can take. Lessons from Covid 19, 2020 - 26 stories one pandemic is suitable for everyone.
Lessons from Covid 19- 2020, 26 stories one pandemic”, has been listed as #1 on Amazon’s KDP Social History Education category! We are also been listed on several network and publication. Our 26 Stories, 26 authors, from different countries tell their stories in a unique way.
This book serves a generational posterity, with some optional subject matters interludes. You will laugh, cry, get mad, and get glad at the same time. Our stories have also been recorded in the Library of Congress for History Preservation.
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Pages: 178

Language: English

Author: Various

Published: December 31, 2020

Publisher JWG Publishing

Please Note

Written by 26 Authors, whose names are: Dei Tatum, Marva Bozeman, Sharon Patterson-Capek, Petula Barclay, Stacey Emerson, Sonia White, Rosetta Hutchinson, Tameka Echols, James Steward, Sunita White, Sharon Bett, Diana Sharpe, Robert Marshall, Shedly Casseus- Parnther, Nicole Small-Fletcher, Keesha Barreau, Cherolyn Davis, Megan & Prince Aderele, GraceAnn Long, Lawanda Harris, Que Johnson, Aldith Lowe Punitha Rathnam, Carlene Wright, Genevieve Carvil-Harris, Mya Smith Edmonds.